• What we would be doing differently in PARDS in 2050? A look at the crystal ball
  • What should be our outcome measure for pediatric mechanical ventilation trials?



  • The basic Mechanics and Physiology of Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Cardiopulmonary Interactions in Mechanical Ventilation
  • Lung Recruitment: How best to do it?
  • Difficult Airway Management for PICU providers
  • Capnography in children on mechanical ventilation: Should it be standard of care?
  • The role of ultrasound in children with respiratory distress
  • Novel biomarkers for pediatric ventilator inducted lung injury
  • Transport mechanical ventilation: Ensuring safety and quality
  • Long-term outcomes in children after severe respiratory failure
  • Tracheomies in critically ill children: An update
  • PARDS: Can we stratify our patients better?
  • Home ventilation topic
  • Nurse-led weaning of ventilation in the PICU: A Brave New World
  • Let’s talk about sedation and moving out children on mechanical ventilation.
  • What is the optimal fluid strategies in children on mechanical ventilation?
  • What will work best in preventing hospital acquired pneumonials in our children in Asia?
  • HFOV: Why do we still have controversies at this day and age?
  • International mechanical ventilation guidelines: How applicable are they in resource-limited countries?
  • Will oxygen still be our friend in 2020?
  • Does tidal volume matter in pediatric mechanical ventilation?



  • Which is the superior NIV? CPAP vs HFNC
  • Restrictive and liberal transfusion strategies in children with severe respiratory illness



  • Panel discussion: Prone positioning in PARDS